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Maharashtra Girls secure 2nd win: Defeat Bihar 2-0 in Senior Women’s National Football Championship

In a compelling encounter, Maharashtra’s women’s football team displayed their prowess once again, securing a convincing 2-0 victory against Bihar in the 28th Senior Women’s National Football Championship.

After their commanding 25-0 win over Andaman & Nicobar in the opening match, the Maharashtra girls exhibited determination and skill to claim their second consecutive triumph.

The game witnessed a tactical change in the lineup, with striker Samrudhi Katkole joining the starting XI in place of midfielder Sharvari Donkar. The first half unfolded with a cautious start, as Bihar’s attackers tested the defensive resilience of the Maharashtra squad. The girls dealt adeptly with the challenges, showcasing a solid defensive performance.

The first significant opportunity for Maharashtra emerged when Vaishnavi Barate’s corner found an unmarked Arya More in the middle of the box. However, the header narrowly sailed over the bar, maintaining the stalemate. As the half neared its conclusion, Arya had another attempt from outside the box, but the ball soared over the bar, leaving the scores level at 0-0.

At halftime, strategic substitutions were made, with Urvi Salunkhe and Aishwarya Jagtap entering the field in place of Priya Rathod and Vaishnavi Barate. The impact of the substitutes was immediate, as Maharashtra emerged with an all-out attacking approach in the second half.

The breakthrough arrived in the 54th minute when Aishwarya Jagtap, displaying remarkable ball control, set up Urvi Salunkhe on the right wing. Urvi’s powerful shot from a tight angle found the top left corner, breaking the deadlock and putting Maharashtra in the lead at 1-0.

Despite Bihar’s attempts to stage a comeback, Maharashtra’s defense held firm, thwarting their efforts. The Maharashtra squad, working effectively on the counter, created several scoring opportunities. Bihar’s goalkeeper, Khushboo Kumari, made crucial saves, denying Maharashtra on multiple occasions.

In the dying moments of the game, a well-delivered corner by Nishka Parkash found Sakshi Hiwale in the box, and her decisive header sealed the victory, doubling the lead and securing the win for Maharashtra.

With two consecutive wins in the group stage, Maharashtra’s women’s team has showcased not only their attacking prowess but also a resilient defense. The girls look forward to their next game against Himachal Pradesh on 27th November as they aim to continue their impressive run in the championship.