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About the course:

This is a preparatory 6-day non-residential course. Introductory courses are educational means, used as a ‘recruitment’ tool to select promising future Coaches for the AIFF ‘C’ certificate. Register here to apply for the D license course.

Click here to apply for the AIFF D-Certificate course.

Mode of Delivery:

  • 6-day course
  • 2 Practical and 2 Theory Sessions on each day
  • Exam on the 6th day


  • 2 practical assessments
  • Written exam
  • Session planning
  • Prepare Logbook

Licensing Criteria:

  • All school tournaments and Leagues


  • Rs. 12,500/-


  • Minimum 18 years of age
  • First Aid course from 2020/21
  • Passion for Football

Learning Outcomes:

  • Being aware of the coach’s behavior and youth player psychology
  • Coaching of individual technique in a game-related format
  • Analyzing players performance and development Individually and in groups
  • Designing progressive match related training sessions
  • Introduction to age-specific coaching and related development themes