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About the course:

Aim of conditioning Level 2A & 2B is to develop more advanced knowledge of training physiology with more focus on fatigue development in football. To be able to use match analysis data and also to understand the nutritional needs of players.

Mode of Delivery:

  • Module 2A: 7 day residential/non-residential course
  • Module 2B: 8 day residential/non-residential course


  • Module 2A:
    o No practical assessments

    o Assignments will be given which will be considered as assessments

  • Module 2B:

    o Assignments to be brought for the 2nd module
    o 1 practical assessment and 1 theory written paper

Licensing Criteria:

  • National team
  • Professional club teams


  • AIFF license fees Rs. 25,000 for 2 modules + organisational cost to be paid to the WIFA.


  • AFC ‘A’ Diploma

Learning Outcomes:

  • Designing training session plans to develop fitness in accordance with the coach
  • Recovery plans to keep the team going during the season
  • Understanding the importance of power training