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Grassroots development means bringing together children and giving them access to football in their own environment whatever their age, gender, physical condition, skin colour, religion or ethnic origin. Grassroots development also promotes socialising, sharing human values and promotes the pleasure of practising the marvellous sport of football.

Grassroots development play a vital role in their local community. Not only do they help people stay fit and healthy and help develop an individual’s sporting talents, they also bring people from the local community together. They give young people the opportunity to meet new friends from different backgrounds, as well as providing parents with the opportunity to meet with other parents, who they otherwise may not have met.

Grassroots development can also provide adults with the opportunity to share their talents and learn new skills, whether it be helping with coaching, administration, transport or sourcing sponsorship or funding. Hence, grassroots football development programs offer so much more than just the sporting activity they are involved with.

WIFA organises / conducts the various Grassroots programmes mentioned below:

AIFF Golden Baby Leagues

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WIFA Just Play

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AFC / AIFF Grassroots Festivals

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