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About the course:

AIFF CAT 1 Referees are eligible to officiate all national-level matches. CAT 2 Referees who officiate and consistently perform really good in all the AIFF competitions are elevated to CAT 1 Referees and Assistant Referees. This provides them an opportunity to officiate in I-League and ISL matches. Depending on their performance at this level they are nominated for FIFA Referees & Assistant Referees by AIFF.

Mode of Delivery:

  • 1-day fitness test organized by AIFF


  • Match assessment
  • Annual fitness check
  • Random fitness check

Licensing Criteria:

  • All competitions organized by the AIFF


  • CAT 2
  • Pass annual fitness test

License Validity:

  • Depending on fitness, upto 45 years of age