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Cooperage grounnnd

About the course:

Aim of conditioning Level 1A & Level 1B is to develop a basic knowledge of training physiology & demands of the game. Understanding of Individual demands and to perform on specific muscle training of players.

Mode of Delivery:

  • Module 1A: 5 day residential/non-residential course
  • Module 1B: 5 day residential/non-residential course


  • Module 1A:
    o No practical assessmentso Assignments will be given which will be considered as assessments
  • Module 1B:o Assignments to be made for the 2nd module o 1 practical assessment

Licensing Criteria:

  • AIFF youth leagues
  • Hero 2nd division league clubs


  • AIFF license fees Rs. 20,000 for 2 modules + organisational cost to be paid to the WIFA.


  • AFC ‘B’ Diploma

Learning Outcomes:

  • Better understanding of human physiology
  • Plan Individual training plans according to specific positions
  • Understanding the demands of the game with a focus on individual needs