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WIFA Women’s Football League: PIFA Sports win, South Mumbai conclude on equal terms

17th November, Cooperage Stadium: In WIFA Women’s Football League, PIFA Sports FC edged past Samuel Football Academy and South Mumbai United ended on equal terms against Pacangan Football Club.

The first match of the day started at 10:00 AM. PIFA Sports FC got the better of Samuel Football Academy as they clinched a marginal victory. Aishwarya Jagtap scored an early goal at 15 minutes to give PIFA the lead. Her only goal was the difference until the first half ended. In the second half, PIFA maintained the pressure and Samuel FA succumbed to equalize. The match ended seeing PIFA Sports FC having the last laugh clinching their consecutive win. PIFA is placed at the 2nd position with 6 points from 2 games breathing heavily upon Samuel FA who have the same tally after 3 games in Group A.

The second match commenced at 4:00 PM. Both South Mumbai United and Pacangan Football Club kicked-off with a slow start. They failed to capitalize on the chances created and eventually ended on equal terms after the initial 45 minutes. In the second half, nothing changed. Chances were missed and the deadlock remained unbroken. The final blow of the whistle from the referee concluded the match on a goalless note. South Mumbai United are placed at the 3rd position with 5 points whereas Pacangan FC has 2 points after 3 games, which places them at the 5th position in Group B.



Samuel Football Academy 0-1 PIFA Sports FC (Aishwarya Jagtap)

South Mumbai United 0-0 Pacangan Football Club