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WIFA Women’s Football League: Krida Prabhodhini, Footie First register big wins; PIFA close to becoming champions with another win

Three matches were played on Monday in the WIFA Women’s Football League. In the first game of the day, PIFA had another comfortable win and moved closer to the silverware. In the second match of the day, Footie First registered a massive 7-0 win over Next Sports Academy. Krida Prabhodhini managed to secure a big win in the third match of the day.

Mumbai-based PIFA Sports faced Satara’s Pacangan FC in the opening match on Monday. In the ninth minute of the game, Manisha scored the opening goal for PIFA. Karen doubled PIFA’s lead in the 29th minute. Forward Sasmita Behera scored their third goal in the first-half injury time. Bhagyashree scored the fourth goal in the 51st minute and the game was done and dusted.

With this win, PIFA is just one match away from becoming champions. They will face Amma FC in the last match of their campaign on Wednesday. Amma FC has already backed out of the competition, so just formality remains for PIFA to take on the field to get a walkover.

FT: PIFA 4-0 Pacangan

Monday’s second match was between Mumbai’s Footie First and Palghar’s Next Sports Academy. Footie First scored the first goal from Pooja’s strike in the fifth minute of the game. Singi scored the second goal in the 14th minute. Atisha tripled Footie First’s lead in the 40th minute.

Footie First continued to dominate in the second half. Nisha scored her team’s fourth goal in the 75th minute. Mamta scored the fifth goal in the 79th minute. Nisha scored again in the 83rd minute. She scored her hat-trick in the 90th minute.

FT: Footie First 7-0 Next Sports Academy

In the third match of the day, two clubs from Pune were face to face. Snigmay FC entered the pitch after losing to Kenkre in their last match. Krida Prabhodhini entered the pitch also after losing to PIFA in their previous match.

Snigmay FC scored through Aishwarya in the ninth minute of the game. Krida Prabhodhini replied back with Sakshi’s goal in the 12th minute. Krida Prabhodhini’s second goal was scored by Vaishnavi in ​​the 21st minute. Muriel balanced the game in the 31st minute by scoring a goal for Snigmay. Krida Prabhodhini’s lead was restored by Anushka in the 40th minute. Bhagyashree doubled Krida Prabhodhini’s lead in the 43rd minute.

In the second half, Snigmay tried hard to score, but could not manage to penetrate Krida Prabhodhini’s strong defense. Anushka scored again in the 88th minute. In extra time, Vaishnavi scored her brace and Krida Prabhodhini’s 7th goal of the game. The match ended with a score of 7-2 in favor of Krida Prabhodhini.

FT: Snigmay 2-7 Krida Prabhodhini

India Rush got a walkover in the last match of the day as Amma FC were already backed out of the league.