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Team Maharashtra finishes Runnerups in Diu Beach Soccer 2024

In a pulsating finale at the Diu Beach Games 2024, Maharashtra’s beach soccer saga ended with 4-5 against Lakshadweep in a closely fought championship bout.

The closely contested match ended with Lakshadweep emerging victorious, securing their status as the only team undefeated by Maharashtra throughout the tournament.

The final game kept spectators on the edge of their seats as Lakshadweep showcased an offensive stance from the start. Muhammed Sabith Sm wasted no time, scoring a goal in the opening minute. Maharashtra responded swiftly, with Manas Temore netting an equalizer in the 3rd minute.

However, the pendulum swung in Lakshadweep’s favor as Mohammad Akram found the net twice in the 4th and 7th minutes. Despite the setback, Manas Temore’s goal in the 13th minute kept Maharashtra in contention. The dynamics of the game shifted dramatically when Maharashtra’s key scorer, Om Sanjay Arane, received a red card in the 14th minute, leaving them a player short.

Lakshadweep maintained their offensive onslaught, with Abdu Rahman C adding another goal in the 16th minute. Undeterred, Maharashtra’s persistence paid off as Manas Temore secured his third goal in the 19th minute, earning him the title of the highest goal-scorer in the game.

Lakshadweep, relentless in their attacks, extended their lead once again with Mohammad Riyazudeen P finding the net in the 24th minute. Harsh Haresh Kapadia’s goal in the 35th minute narrowed the gap, but it wasn’t enough to overturn the result.

Despite the defeat, Maharashtra’s journey in the Diu Beach Games 2024 was commendable. Securing the 2nd position in football, they showcased skill, resilience, and teamwork, making the state proud.

As the sun sets on the sandy shores of Diu, Maharashtra may not have claimed the top spot, but their valiant effort and sportsmanship have left an indelible mark on the sands of the Diu Beach Games 2024