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WIFA Women’s Football League: Samuel FA, South Mumbai United, and PIFA win with ease

On 8th November, WIFA Women’s Football League hosted three matches at the Cooperage Stadium, Mumbai. The first match, commencing at 8:30 AM saw Samuel Football Academy clinch a comfortable victory against Pacangan Football Club. Y Poojitha opened the netting for Samuel FA at the 21st minute. The team ensured a decisive lead within the first half as Priya Shinde doubled the scoring at the 41st minute. As soon as the second half started, Pacangan found the net through Ambika Dange’s effort at the 50th minute. However, Pacangan’s early strike and hopes in the second half were thrashed soon enough by the captain of Samuel FA, Mhasi Paunuo, who scored within a minute to take utmost control over the game. Pacangan failed to bounce back and Paunuo’s second-half strike was enough to gift Samuel FA their consecutive win.

The second game of the day saw South Mumbai United ease past Commandos FC through a commendable 4 goal victory. Gabrielle Soans gave South Mumbai an early lead at the 3rd minute. Team Commandos succumbed to find the net till the first half ended. The initial 45 minutes concluded with Soans’ solitary goal. The second half began with a slow start from both ends. At the 65th minute, Drishti Punjabi was subbed with Kashish Parmar who eventually went on to change the game. The last ten minutes of the match saw South Mumbai pounce on Commandos as they scored thrice. Durga Mhatre scored a reliever at the 81st minute and then Kashish found the net twice at the dying moments of the match.

The final match of the day witnessed PIFA Sports FC romp to a 4 goal victory against Spark FC. Spark FC fielded 10 players due to the unavailability of their full squad. PIFA won an early penalty through which Sibani scored at the 2nd minute. The captain of the team, Dipika increased the lead at the 43rd minute. The first half finished with PIFA leading by two goals. As soon as the second half started, Sasmita Behera scored at the 48th minute. Within a few minutes, Sushmita Lepcha ensured the three points  through her effort at the 56th minute which tricked the goalkeeper again. The match ended with a dominant performance from PIFA.



Samuel FA (Y Poojitha 21′ Priya Shinde 41′ Mhasi Paunuo 51′) 3-1 Pacangan Football Club (Ambika Dange) 


Commandos FC 0-4 South Mumbai United (Gabrielle Soans 3′ Durga Mhatre 81′ Kashish Parmar 87′ 89′) 


Spark FC 0-4 PIFA Sports FC (Sibani Sharma (P) 2′ Dipika 43′ Sushmita Lepcha 56′ Sasmita Behera 48′)