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AIFF ‘D’ License results 8th-13th November 2021

The AIFF ‘D’ License results of the 8th – 13th November 2021 batch is out now. The results are listed as follows:

Note: The participants whose names do not feature in the list have been unsuccessful in clearing the course. Propass candidates need to re-write their theory exam in the upcoming batch.

Sr. No Participant’s Name Result
1 Shreya Bhatt PASS
2 Rohit Rajendra Pathak PASS
3 Manuraj Shetty PASS
4 Harshit. H. Tiwari PASS
5 Zoheb Sayyed PASS
6 Pramod Galave PASS
7 Dhananjay Nishkul PASS
8 Zahid Sayed PASS
9 Gaurang Vengurlekar PASS
10 Sanket Ashok Pawar PASS
11 Atul Ghodke PASS
12 Mohammed Shadab Shaikh PASS
13 Sanjay Hausalaprasad Jaiswar PASS
14 Akshay Yadav PASS
15 Suresh Raju PASS
16 Pranav Labade PASS
17 Mervin Almond Kurisingal PASS
18 Jagvinder Singh PASS
19 Rithick Mukund Mukherjee PASS
20 Sanket Mayekar PASS
21 Nikhil Shetty PASS
22 Assar Ansar Shaikh PRO PASS


We wish coaches the best for their future endeavors!