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Reliance Foundation Young Champs Crowned Champions of U-15 MSYL 2023-24

In a thrilling U-15 Maharashtra State Youth League (MSYL) season held at the iconic Cooperage Football Ground in Mumbai, 24 teams showcased their football prowess in a total of 147 matches. This grand spectacle took place from August 6, 2023, to November 2, 2023, involving approximately 600 young talents.

The league was split into two groups, and the top three teams from each group secured their spot in the final round. The journey to the championship title was a fiercely contested battle.

Group A witnessed Mumbai City FC, D’Souza FA, and Youth Soccer Academy advancing, while in Group B, Reliance Foundation Young Champs, Rising Pune FC, and Krida Prabhodhini secured their places. Both Mumbai City FC and Reliance Foundation Young Champs emerged as group winners, displaying an outstanding performance throughout the league without conceding a single point. The final play-off round saw all 6 teams playing each other in a round robin format with the new table topper lifting the trophy.

In the final league game in what turned out to be a grand finale, the two unbeaten sides Reliance Foundation Young Champs and Mumbai City FC faced off each other again. The game remained goalless during the first half, but RFYC’s young talents ignited the scoreboard, clinching a well-deserved 4-1 victory, ultimately securing their championship title. Meanwhile, Mumbai City FC displayed remarkable talent and effort, securing the runner-up position. Krida Prabhodhini of Pune finished third, capping off the league on a high note.

The U-15 MSYL serves as a crucial platform for the growth and development of youth football in Maharashtra. It offers talented youngsters the opportunity to showcase their skills, gain recognition, and learn from the best. The healthy competition between teams encourages players to learn from their peers and improve their footballing abilities.

The 2023-24 season was exceptionally competitive, with Reliance Foundation Young Champs emerging as the victors without dropping any points. The other participating teams displayed exceptional quality and resilience, a testament to their hard work and dedication.

Notable Individual Performances:

Best Goalkeeper: Manash (RFYC) – Boasting 8 clean sheets in 10 appearances, he proved to be a reliable guardian of the net.

Best Player: Yuvraj (Mumbai City FC) – With 18 goals and all-round exceptional performances, he left a significant mark on the league.

Top Scorer: Shadil (RFYC) – Earning the Golden Boot with a remarkable 22 goals, he showcased his prolific scoring ability.

The U-15 MSYL 2023-24 proved to be a resounding success, providing an excellent platform for young footballers to hone their skills and elevate their game. Congratulations to Reliance Young Champs for their championship win, and we eagerly anticipate the future achievements of this talented team.