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Mumbaikar Bhumika Mane called for FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup camp

Mumbaikar Bhumika Mane was recently called for the FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup camp in Jamshedpur starting from Friday, 17th December. The call-up to the camp made her the sole representative from Maharashtra.

It’s not easy to describe someone’s story of years in four words but to start with – “Like father, like daughter.”
A lawyer by profession, and a footballer at heart, Bharat Mane, Bhumika’s father sowed the seed of this commendable journey.

Neither in a classroom, nor in the house but in the football ground itself. Bhumika grew watching her father play the sport that now has become the love of her life.

Bhumika picked the sport at a tender age of ten, and quickly burst into top-level football. She played for Companeroes SC under her first coach Sydney Alexander. Since then, there was no stopping for Bhumika. She played in Indian Women’s League – the elite football league for women in India at the age of 12.

In a fireside chat with Mr. Bharat Mane, he shared that Bhumika’s immediate dream is to get on U-17 World Cup squad and to perform well there. He says Bhumika has got all the ingredients to perform at the right wing position she plays in. She possesses the quality to have impact on the ball from both her feet and is adept at quick decision-making and accurate passing.

Bharat also added that Bhumika understands her role in the team and only watches positional football specific to her role. Bhumika believes in being at the right place at the right moment and wishes to be the “most important player without the ball” in the game.

She adores and idolizes Messi and Maradona and learns watching them.

Bhumika Mane’s awards:

Best Striker Award in this Mumbai District Association (MDFA) Women’s League in 2021

Represented U-15, Inter-district football tournament 2019-20 held at Palghar (Boisar) as a Captain for Mumbai.

Represented U-17, 65th National School Games Federation of India

Represented U-15, Sub-junior National football tournament 2019-20 held at Cuttack (Odisha) at the age of 13 year. She score two goals against Telangana and one goal against Assam.

Represented MSSA (Mumbai School Sports Association) Under- 12 inter-school football tournament for Canossa High School (Mahim) in the year 2016-2017 and became the highest scorer in the tournament where Canossa won the 2nd place in the tournament.

Having represented her district in the past and gaining experience from the state and national leagues, Bhumika is all set to venture in a new challenge, where the stakes are at the global level.