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Excitement Builds as WIFA Women’s Football League 2023-24 Kicks Off

The stage is set for another exhilarating season of the WIFA Women’s Football League, with seven powerhouse teams vying for glory in the 2023-24 edition. The league, set to commence on November 6, promises an action-packed spectacle, with three games scheduled per day at the iconic Cooperage stadium.

Defending Champions Return

Last year, the maiden champions, Mumbai Knights, stunned fans and competitors alike with their remarkable victory in their first appearance. The defending champions, led by their brilliant squad, will be looking to secure their reign in this season.

Stiff Competition Ahead

However, they face stiff competition from a field of talented teams, including:

  • Young Guns FC
  • Football School Of India (FSI)
  • Aspire FC
  • Krida Prabhodhini
  • Lawless United
  • Joshua FC

Each of these teams brings their unique blend of skill, strategy, and ambition to the league, setting the stage for a highly competitive tournament.


Match No. Day Date Team A vs Team B Ground Time
1 Monday 06-11-2023 Young Guns FC (Mumbai) vs FSI (Thane) Cooperage 8.30 AM
2 Monday 06-11-2023 Aspire FC (Pune) vs Lawless United (Palghar) Cooperage 1.00 PM
3 Monday 06-11-2023 Krida Prabhodhini (Pune) vs Mumbai Knights (Mumbai) Cooperage 4.00 PM
4 Thursday 09-11-2023 Joshua FC (Thane) vs Young Guns FC (Mumbai) Cooperage 8.30 AM
5 Thursday 09-11-2023 FSI (Thane) vs Mumbai Knights (Mumbai) Cooperage 1.00 PM
6 Thursday 09-11-2023 Lawless United (Palghar) vs Krida Prabhodhini (Pune) Cooperage 4.00 PM
7 Thursday 16-11-2023 Mumbai Knights (Mumbai) vs Joshua FC (Thane) Cooperage 8.30 AM
8 Thursday 16-11-2023 Krida Prabhodhini (Pune) vs FSI (Thane) Cooperage 1.00 PM
9 Thursday 16-11-2023 Aspire FC (Pune) vs Young Guns FC (Mumbai) Cooperage 4.00 PM