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Santosh Trophy: Delhi edge Maharashtra 3-2 courtesy of 97th-Minute goal

In a breathtaking showdown at the Golden Jubilee Stadium in Yupia, the 77th Santosh Trophy witnessed a footballing spectacle between Delhi and Maharashtra. The toss favored Delhi, setting the stage for an exhilarating contest.

The match ignited in the 2nd minute when Arfat Ansari, orchestrated by Azfar Noorani, showcased impeccable coordination to secure the lead for Maharashtra. Delhi, however, swiftly responded with Dhruv Sharma’s well-placed cross, converted into an identical goal by Bhaaranyu Bansal.

The intensity heightened as both teams battled fiercely for dominance. Delhi’s strikers launched relentless attacks, countered by Maharashtra’s Nikhil Kadam’s spirited efforts to shift the momentum.

Towards the end of the first half, Delhi’s persistence paid off. Dhruv Sharma’s corner kick initiated a sequence where Sahil Kumar’s header, initially blocked, found the net off Milind Negi, giving Delhi a 2-1 lead.

The second half unfolded with Maharashtra’s free-kick, expertly taken by Nikhil Kadam, denied by Delhi’s vigilant keeper, Raj Kumar. Harsh Patil’s crucial save thwarted Jaideep’s attempt to tip the scales in Delhi’s favor. Arfat Ansari, seizing an opportunity from a rebound, secured a brace, equalizing for Maharashtra.

As the match neared its climax, Arfat aimed for a hat-trick, but Raj Kumar Mahato’s resilience denied the feat. In a footballing miracle, the 97th minute witnessed Sridarth’s winning strike slipping through the keeper’s grasp, securing Delhi’s victory in a moment of extraordinary brilliance.

The win places Delhi in the 2nd position on the table, trailing Manipur, while Maharashtra occupies the 5th spot, and will look to find full three points in the final game and make it into knockout rounds of the competition.