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Clinical Maharashtra secures convincing win against Lakshadweep

In a captivating encounter at Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj Stadium, Maharashtra demonstrated their prowess with a stellar performance against Lakshadweep in the Santosh Trophy Group F clash.

The game ignited in the 8th minute when Johnson Mathew orchestrated a brilliant move, delivering a precise cross to find Advait Shinde, who clinically broke the deadlock with a powerful finish. Maharashtra’s relentless attacking spirit continued, with Nikhil Kadam and Himanshu Patil orchestrating dynamic plays.

As the first half progressed, Lakshadweep aimed for a comeback, earning a free-kick that narrowly sailed over the bar. Defensive strategies came into play when Maharashtra’s Dhurwesh Nijap received a yellow card for a tactical foul.

The second half witnessed Maharashtra amplifying their lead. In the 60th minute, Armash Ansari capitalized on a deflected cutback from Johnson Mathews to secure the second goal. Nikhil Kadam added to the tally in the 66th minute with a clinical finish. The relentless pursuit of goals continued, and Himanshu Patil extended the lead to 4-0 in the 77th minute.

Lakshadweep fought valiantly, with Suhail’s attempt denied by Maharashtra’s vigilant goalkeeper, Paramjit Baghel. Despite creating opportunities, Lakshadweep couldn’t breach the formidable Maharashtra defense.

Maharashtra continued to press their advantage. In the 88th minute, skipper Nikhil Kadam attempted a curving shot from outside the box, forcing a full-stretch save from Lakshadweep’s keeper.

The match reached its conclusion with a near miss for Maharashtra. In the 90+4 minute, Advait Shinde sent in a low cross into the box, which was connected by Mohammed Ansari. However, his tap-in from close range struck the side-bar and went out

With an impressive 4-0 victory, Maharashtra showcased their skill and determination, setting the stage for an exciting journey ahead in the Santosh Trophy Group F.