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AIFF D License course result at Mumbai from 26th June to 1st July, 2023

AIFF D License course result at Cooperage football stadium. Mumbai from 26th June to 1st July, 2023

The results are listed as follows:

Note: The participants whose names do not feature in the list have been unsuccessful in clearing the course. Pro-pass candidates need to re-write their theory exams in the upcoming batch.

Sr. No. Name of Participants State District Result
1 Amit Bhagwane Maharashtra Mumbai PASS
2 John Britto Nadar Maharashtra Mumbai PASS
3 Johnson Arspaul Maharashtra Mumbai PASS
4 Niraj Ganesh Surve Maharashtra Mumbai PASS
5 Shubham Vinodrao Taywade Maharashtra Yavatmal PASS
6 R.Sivarajprasanth Tamilnadu Chennai PASS
7 Christopher Shirodkar Maharashtra Mumbai PASS
8 Ansari Kaif Jamal Maharashtra Mumbai PASS
9 Karan Patel Maharashtra Thane PASS
10 Harsimran Mehta Maharashtra Thane PASS
11 Joel Rao Maharashtra Thane PASS
12 Aditya Hijam
13 Sayed ubair Aziz Maharashtra Mumbai PASS
14 Gaurav Yadav Maharashtra Mumbai PASS
15 Ganesh sitaram satpute Maharashtra Thane PASS
16 Ramki Maharashtra Thane PASS
17 Visheshwaraman Pandey Maharashtra Mumbai PASS
18 Ahmed S Mubeen K M Kerala Ernakulam PASS
19 Saurabh Badrinath Jere Maharashtra Mumbai PASS
20 Gautam Rabha Assam Kamrup PASS
21 Pratham Dhiraj Bangera Maharashtra Thane PASS
22 Shashank Sanjay Rane Maharashtra Palghar PASS
23 Nishan Dnyaneshwar Thakare Maharashtra Palghar PASS