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AIFF D License Results 9th to 14th July, 2022 – Pune

AIFF D License Course at Pune from 9th to 15th June, 2022. The results are listed as follows:

Note: The participants whose names do not feature in the list have been unsuccessful in clearing the course. Pro pass candidates need to re-write their theory exam in the upcoming batch.

The modules were instructed by Salim Pathan.


1 Shahid Anwar Khan PASS
2 Mrinal Chetry PASS
3 Anand Rambahadur Thapa PASS
4 Ayyub Ali Munni PASS
5 Balyogi Niraj Dave PASS
6 Bangkim Chandra Tripura PASS
7 Kirat De Bbarma PASS
8 Shrikalp Sunil Borade PASS
9 Ekwal Singh Sekhon PASS
10 Kaustubh  Shirish Pawar PASS
11 K. Suraj Kr Singha PASS
12 Siddharth Singh PASS
13 Amandeep Singh PASS
14 Dhanashree Sunil Landge PASS
15 Digvijay Mangesh Shinde PASS
16 Robin Singh PASS
17 Chirajit Shrma PASS
18 Brukson Tripura PASS

PROPASS Candidates


1 Lakpa Narbu Bhutia PROPASS