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AIFF ‘D’ License Course – 17th to 21st July 2017 – Results

The AIFF ‘D’ License Course results for 17th to 21st July 2017 batch held at Cooperage Football Stadium, Mumbai.

The participants whose names do not feature in the list have been unsuccessful in clearing the course.

Propass candidates need to re-write their theory exam in the upcoming batch.

1 Kayala Naresh K Karnataka Bangalore Pass
2 Pruthvi Prashant Pawar Maharashtra Mumbai Pass
3 Hemant Bharat Zende Maharashtra Mumbai Pass
4 Jeffrin Joseph Pinheiro Karnataka Bangalore Pass
5 Lamgoulal Kipgen Karnataka Bangalore Pass
6 Shashikant Luther Gaikwad Gujarat Ahmednagar Pass
7 Suman Bose Maharashtra Mumbai Pass
8 Godugu Naresh Telangana Secunderabad Pass
9 Reddi Raji Naidu Telangana Secunderabad Pass
10 Parraysh Chheda Maharashtra Mumbai Pass
11 Subash E.S Kerala Thrissur Pass
12 P.A. Davis Kerala Thrissur ProPass
13 M. Dada Nabeel Karnataka Bangalore Pass
14 Anil Vitthal Rathod Maharashtra Mumbai Pass
15 M. Ramu Telangana Secunderabad Pass
16 Girish Gopi Selvaraj Maharashtra Pune Pass
17 Naveen Kumar .S Karnataka Bangalore Pass
18 Kunal Gandhi Maharashtra Mumbai Pass
19 Alvin Steen Boyle Maharashtra Pune Pass
20 N. Puneet Gordon Telangana Secunderabad Pass
21 Yurthing Pharung Shimring Maharashtra Mumbai Pass
22 Songachan Kashung Maharashtra Mumbai Pass
23 Wincien John D’souza Maharashtra Mumbai Pass
24 Sandeep Mahadev Patil Maharashtra Kolhapur Pass
25 Sumit Sondagar Maharashtra Mumbai Pass
26 Vijesh Nair Maharashtra Mumbai Pass
27 Krishna Kumar Karnataka Bangalore Pass
28 John Benadick .M Karnataka Bangalore ProPass
29 Srikanth R. Karnataka Bangalore Pass
30 De Sousa Salomao Marques Maharashtra Thane Pass
31 Terry Larsen Karnataka Bangalore Pass
32 Harshil N. Somaiya Maharashtra Mumbai Pass
33 Rahul Lingam Maharashtra Mumbai Pass
34 Ajit Baburao Sawant Maharashtra Mumbai Pass
Instructors: Arshad Hussain Shaikh and Mangesh Desai