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AIFF D License Course -13th to 18th June, 2022

AIFF D License Course at Cooperage Football Ground from 13th to 18th June, 2021. The results are listed as follows:

Note: The participants whose names do not feature in the list have been unsuccessful in clearing the course. Pro pass candidates need to re-write their theory exam in the upcoming batch.

The modules were instructed by Raghuvir Khanolkar.

1 Komal Dhole PASS
2 Irdiyamary Prakash Naidu PASS
3 Pranoti P.Choudhary PASS
4 Lavina Singh PASS
5 Akanksha Prabhakar Shelare PASS
6 Shraddha Chunnilal Yadav PASS
7 Suzanne Noel Falcon PASS
8 Anjali Barke PASS
9 Harshada Kalbhor PASS
10 Sumila Martis PASS
11 Shabana Parvez Shaikh Chottu PASS
12 Devyani Sanjay Khande PASS
13 Purva Neeraj Bodalkar PASS

PROPASS Candidates

1 Akansha Jitendra Bansod PROPASS