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AFC ‘A’ License Course Results

The results for the AFC ‘A’ License Course Results held at Mumbai, Maharashtra in 2 Modules from August to November 2016  are as follows:

The participants whose names do not feature in the list have been unsuccessful in clearing the course.

S no Name Result Remarks by the Instructor
1 Anthony Fernandes PASS Fast Tracked
2 T. Gopalakrishnan Purushothaman PASS  
3 Akshay Das PASS Fast Tracked
4 Jeddy John Almeida PASS Fast Tracked
5 Sushant Pawar PASS  
7 Jude Tiofilo Barreto Fame Practical Retest
Pro-Pass Candidates
8 Chettri Suren Kumar PASS  
9 Mohammed Yousuf Ansari Pro-Pass Theory Specific and General Re-Test
10 Louis Nickson Pro-Pass Theory Specific and General Re-Test