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AFC ‘B’ License Course Results

The results for the AFC ‘B’ License Course Results held at Mumbai, Maharashtra from 10th till 29th October, 2016 are as follows:

The participants whose names do not feature in the list have been unsuccessful in clearing the course.

Sr. no. Name Result Remarks
1 Disha Malhotra PASS
2 Santosh D Koli PASS
3 Agnelo Raymond Felix Fernandes PASS
4 Paschal Simon D’Souza PASS
5 Manish Ramesh Kajania PASS
6 Sachin Tanaji Badadhe PASS
7 Jaywant Sharad Pathak PASS
8 Noel Anthony Wilson PASS
9 Deepak John Nayak PASS
10 Priyank Tyagi Yogendra PASS
11 Akhil Vinod Kothari PASS
12 Tope Ayodeji Fuja PRO-PASS Theory Specific
15 Sandesh Vishwas Bhoite FAME Practical Re test
17 Inumula Ritesh Ramaswamy FAME Practical Re test
Pro-Pass Candidates
23 Milton MichaeL Fernando PASS
24 Gyaltshen Dorjee Moktan PASS
25 Vimal Vijay Arora PASS
26 Sandeep Singh Pro-Pass Theory (Specific and General)